Let us show you some of our most remarkable projects organized in different categories.

If you would like to see the complete portfolio, please visit our Vimeo profile.



This is where we started. We were initially involved in creating videos for architectural contests or short documentaries. Some of these were showcased in museums such as Palau Robert (Barcelona), Gallery MA (Tokyo) and the Venice Biennale.

The above projects were done with RCR Arquitectes (Pritzker 2017) and the world renowned photographer Hisao Suzuki.

Looking back, we could not have had a better place to start. These early experiences on how to capture space, light and atmosphere will be forever embedded in our work.



If you need to present your product, service or project to the world and promote it to reach the next step, let us help.

We will work closely with you to be sure that we understand your values, needs and goals. From there, we will be able to choose strategies and media formats that will fully represent the vision of your brand while moving forward.

We are also ready to create interactive videos that enable a direct and frictionless sell, would you like try that?



This is a call to action. Short, direct, and to the point.

This format allows us to work with you, to succinctly communicate the story behind your cause, using impactful visuals and flawless production.

This content is ideal for your social media profiles and enables you to share as much as you want with your followers. We will make sure that it is fully responsive and adapted to each and every platform.


Together we customize workshops that use audiovisuals as learning tools in transformational projects.

These workshops come in various forms. It can be a film workshop where a group of managers become movie directors for a day, a documentary challenge where they have to create a short film about diversity & inclusion, or a VR immersive experience where they watch actors re-enact their (own) positive and negative behaviours.

Due to the sensitive nature of these projects, we cannot publish them. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can share some samples with you and discuss all the options.

Besides these workshops, we can also design and create interactive videos, like video quizzes. Interactive videos are great for four main reasons:

– Offer more elevant and more targeted content
– Get customer feedback
– Test your audience’s knowledge
– Simplify education

Contact us if you would like to know more about this format.



It is our goal to capture the energy and all the details of the great event that you have put so much passion into preparing.

Relax and enjoy the big day, we will make sure you can look back on this project with an outstanding digital archive.



And last but not least, we simply enjoy supporting and contributing to projects that we love by helping them grow… ♥